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Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance is just that, performing certain maintenance procedures to your vehicle to help prevent and reduce costly repairs and minimize breakdowns. Preventative Maintenance combines common services and inspections so you are informed of your vehicles condition at the time of service.
The following recommended service guidelines are appropriate for most drivers. But it is important to remember that not all people drive their vehicles the same way or under the same conditions.

n Engine Oil and Filter
      \ Check All Fluids - coolant, transmission, brake,
              power steering and axle levels
      \ Chassis Lube (if applicable)
      \ Check Tire Pressures and Condition
      \ Inspect Air Filter
      \ Inspect Brakes (if visible)
      \ Inspect Belts and Hoses
      \ Inspect Wiper Blades
      \ Inspect Lights
n Air Dryer Service
n Belt Inspection
n Brake Adjustment
n Brake Fluid Service
n Brake Inspection
n Chassis Lubrication
n Clutch Adjustment
n Coolant Flush
n Differential Service
n Fuel Filter
n Hose Inspection
n Hub Service
n Hydraulic Fluid and Filter Service
n Power Steering Fluid Flush
n Rotate Tires
n Transfer Case Service
n Transmission Flush and Transfer Case Service



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