About Us

Keeping you on the road

River City Truck Repair is proud to serve Watertown and the surrounding area as a full service Car, Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Truck, Bus, RV and Trailer repair and maintenance facility. River City Truck Repair is here for all of your heavy truck and trailer repair needs. We provide complete repair services for all types of private and commercial trucks. We have a team of professionals that keep you on the move, safe, reliable, and fast. 

Our history

On January 2, 2008, after working as a technician for 18 years, TJ Schliewe purchased the truck repair division from his employer and renamed it River City Truck Repair. At River City Truck Repair we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality products and personal service. Don’t let the name fool you, in addition to light, medium and heavy duty trucks we also repair, automobiles, buses, RVs and trailers. We repair all makes and models, large or small. River City Truck Repair is located just a few blocks west of Hwy 26 in Watertown. TJ’s business is client oriented, word of mouth goes a long way.
We hope you find the information you need on this site about our services. We look forward to doing business with you. 

New and improved

After a few years of ownership it was clear that some changes needed to be made to our facility to better serve our customers and provide a better work environment for our employees. In 2014 River City Truck Repair began a complete renovation. The building next door was purchased and raised to provide a larger parking area. Lighting was also added to the parking area. In 2015 the big change began. We completely remodeled our building. A couple new additions added more service bays and better access in and out of the shop. The building was better insulated and fresh interior panels were installed that really brightened the shop. We also added a new office and restrooms. It is quite an change from original property TJ purchased in 2008. We have had many compliments regarding all the changes that have been made from all those that knew us before.